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Benarkah payudara akan jatuh apabila menyusukan anak

Many people, including moms and moms to be, believe that breastfeeding can make the breasts sag. This is also one of the key factor that hinders moms from breastfeeding.

Is it true?

I asked my gynae about this.

His answer is: As long as during pregnancy and soon after delivery of baby, once the breasts enlarged (due to hormone changes), with or without breastfeeding the breasts will most likely to sag.

His explaination is that, the breasts are like elastic rubber bands or balloons — once enlarged/expanded, it is hard to return to the previous size/firmness. Unless the mother is very young (full of collagen??), it is generally common to be sagged.

[Added: Conclusion - Sagging breasts are NOT caused by breastfeeding, but probably caused by pregnancy and age!]

I think this is a sacrifice a mom would have to accept, especially if we are not young when giving birth (like early 20??). Sigh!

So, no excuse not to breastfeed. That’s my point. ;)
(Or to give birth early? LOL!)

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